“Leggy Lizards”

Here is a brief snip it of an article on speedy adaptions from Creation Ministries International

“Speedy Species Surprise” (click link for full story)

by e and Carl Wieland

In the Bahamas, small numbers of [brown] anole lizards (Anolis sagrei) were transplanted from an island with tall trees to nearby islands where there were previously no lizards and only smaller bushy vegetation. Body form rapidly changed in succeeding generations.

In particular, the relative length of hindlimbs was greatly decreased—thought to be an adaptation for life amongst the twigs of the scrubby vegetation in the lizards’ new habitat. (Lizards that live on tree trunks have longer legs than those that live on twigs—an apparent trade-off between the agility necessary for twig-to-twig jumping and the speed that longer limbs provide on the broad surface of tree trunks.)

[Does this remind anyone of the Italian Wall Lizards that were transplanted to an island?]

But again it was the speed of adaptation, many thousands of times higher than (their interpretation of) the ‘fossil record’ that surprised evolutionists.

[It seems that the island environments cause adaptation (or actually selection) to occur more rapidly. This may be due to only a few selective pressures rather than a vast host found on the mainland. This may also be due to a lack of competition paired with an abrupt change in environment. This would have been the case for the animals that exited Noah’s ark after the flood as well. ]

[my two cents…]

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