Creeping Things for Creation Day!

Creeping Things for Creation Day 2016!

We had so much fun doing 2 Creeping Things Animal Shows for Creation Day at the Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee, CA!  The Creation Day event was November 5th and included guest speakers, Ray Comfort, Eric Hovind, Jay Seegert, Mark Finkbeiner, and Tom Cantor! Special thanks to Wild Wonders Inc. and the San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society.

Creeping Things Creation Day 2016
Creeping Things at Creation Day 2016 Event

Wild Wonders brought out six incredible creatures for our shows!

Wild Wonders animals for our Creeping Things show at Creation Day
Wild Wonders animals for our Creeping Things show, Creation Day 2016

There were thousands of people in attendance for the Creation Day event, and we were blessed to be able to perform two shows! We hope and pray that our message was well received and understood. Our purpose is to steer your gaze at the creature so that you marvel at the handiwork of the Creator and praise Him! It is so easy to be amazed by the wondrous animal life that our Creator has designed and made, but the amazement should not be focused there. Animals are amazing because their Creator is amazing! Let us give Him the glory and praise that His creation demands!


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