Creeping Things is a creation-based ministry that focuses on God’s creeping creatures and how they glorify their Creator.

Creeping Things seeks to spread this message through two primary means:

1. Creeping Things Video Series – Creeping Things is a God-honoring wildlife exploration series hosted by reptile and amphibian specialist Nathan Hutcherson and his family. Join them as they explore God’s wondrous creation and encounter all kinds of creeping things in the wild.

In each episode Nathan and his two children find a myriad of fascinating creeping creatures such as: reptiles, amphibians, insects, and arachnids. These amazing, but often overlooked creatures display design features and behaviors that point to their Creator’s genius, foresight, power, and care. We want to steer your gaze at the creature so that you marvel at the handiwork of the Creator and praise Him!

2. Creeping Things Live Animal Shows -Glorifying God, Spreading Appreciation for His Creation, Refuting Darwinist dogma:With a traveling entourage of underappreciated and misunderstood companions, we will visit your school, church, or homeschool and put on a detailed presentation that is sure to spark the interest of minds young and old. Many of the secretive creatures around us are often dismissed out of hand as gross, dangerous, or even vicious without a second glance or thought. We believe that all of Creation works together according to His will and that every creature has a function and order among it. Within this order, there are the black-sheep “Creeping Things,” serving many crucial functions and performing thousands of fascinating tasks that go unnoticed everyday. Let us, in a single afternoon, quickly dispel many of the misconceptions about reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids that have become ingrained in our modern culture. Just seeing your child’s eyes light up as he holds his first boa constrictor or the look of sheer wonder on your daughter’s face as she stares into the eyes of a baby turtle can instantly change the way you feel about this amazing group of animals. Most of our animals are “kid friendly” and can be handled safely with our supervision and we do our best to get all of the observers to become participants. Our fun-fact-filled demonstrations usually last about an hour and contain about 15 animals. We currently can accommodate all of Southern California by appointment, but special logistical consideration must be made in areas far outside of the San Diego area.